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Taking MDMA likened to 'Russian roulette' after death of tragic student Ellie Knowles

Ellie Knowles fell ill after taking MDMA at Shindig in Byker, Newcastle She said: “As members of society we should all join in with efforts if at all possible to reduce the risk of events such as this happening again. “The loss of a young woman in these circumstances is truly a tragedy and I believe that young people don’t understand the risks when they take drugs. “It’s essentially equal to playing a game of Russian Roulette.” Ellie Knowles' boyfriend speaks of the night teen died hours after taking MDMA and collapsing Ms Knowles, from Doncaster, was visiting boyfriend Jack Varley, a Northumbria University student, and joined his housemates and friends for a birthday celebration at Shindig at Warehouse 34 on November 5, 2016. The couple, along with others, arranged for the delivery of MDMA at his Sandyford home before sneaking the tablets in to the venue at about 11.30pm. The court heard Miss Knowles hid the drugs in her bra, while boyfriend Mr Varley had his stashed in a small jeans pocket. Ellie Knowles fell ill after taking MDMA at Shindig in Byker, Newcastle Mr Varley removed his phone and wallet from his pockets and was subject to a “pat-down”, but with no female members of door staff on site Mrs Dilks asserted it was likely Ms Knowles was not searched before entry. Giving evidence, chief Inspector David Pickett of Northumbria Police said: “It is without dispute that music events of this nature are synonymous with the use of MDMA. “The searches in my own view were insufficient.” Mum of teen who collapsed at Shindig and died pays emotional tribute to her 'beautiful best friend' Ms Knowles fell ill about 2am the following morning, and was helped to a first-aid portacabin outside the venue by Mr Varley, friends and door staff. The medic - the only one working on the site - recognised the teenager was exhibiting symptoms such as being cold, clammy, and breathing fast, and called for an ambulance. Ms Knowles was taken by an ambulance to the RVI but died just hours after taking the drug.

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